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Trying to sign in at a different country

I'm currently outside of the US, and I need to pay my Internet Cox bill soon. I tried signing in, but when it asks me for the last 4 digits of my social security number, there's an error after I entered it in. I tried waiting and resetting my password, but nothing worked. I can't call Cox, so is there a way the Cox service can let me sign in online?

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    Hi Jadebartolome,

    The SSN verification screen is an added layer of security put in place when our website recognized you are attempting to log in outside the U.S.  I understand that you've entered your information, but receiving an error.  Please email us at with your full name and street address so that we can further assist. Please include a link to this post.  Thank you .

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    I agree, that function is very broken. Won't work for me either. Won't let my Outlook access the server to get my e-mails. I also believe your settings in your help files are incorrect. for example should be, correct?

  • Hi PortDawg,

    I'm sorry for the difficulty logging in while overseas! is the correct incoming POP server. (Use port 995.) The outgoing server is (Use port 587 with TLS enabled, or port 465 with SSL enabled and a check mark in the authentication box, if available.)

    We have a procedure in place for overseas customers who experience problems accessing their account or Cox Webmail while overseas. Please email with your full name, address, and a link to this thread.