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Trying to get new email address

When I finally reach the page for controlling emails, I click on "Add new email address." Doing so, however, brings up a page for adding or deleting authorized users. With this there's no way I can find a way to add another email address. (It says you can have up to 10 addresses; I have three.) This has been ongoing and apparently is something Cox is unconcerned about. There's obviously a wrong link attached to "Add new email address," but Cox either won't or can't fix it. I need to have a new address. How long do I have to wait?

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    You are adding an authorized user ... as long as you don't check "Allow Authorized User complete access to all billing and payment areas." all they can do is e-mail.  Checking that box allows that user access to billing areas.  Maybe not the best wording but it works, just add you new user (e-mail account) there & don't check the box.

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    Hi fhphotog,

    By adding an authorized user, you're authorizing a new email address to be added to your account. Are you able to add an authorized user?