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Trying to find a functioning Cox Speed Test site

Cox Ultimate customer here. While aware that there are at least two Cox internet speed test sites, one which requires Flash (Flash? Really? Still?) and one that doesn't (and where I have in the past actually been able to utilize), I was reminded that if it's happening to me it's no doubt happening to others.

While logged on the the non-Flash site the window indicates My Internet Plan is Cox Internet Ultimate with 300/30 down/up parameters. A red link labeled Start Speed Test is clearly visible.

However, clicking on that red rectangle produces the disconcerting error message: "Note: This tool is intended to test Internet speeds from Cox Networks".

In other words, nada. Bupkis. Zilch.

What's the deal?

Please don't attempt to explain this away as merely crummy timing to start a test on my part.

[Windows 7 SP1, FlashPeak SlimJet browser, Version (based on Chromium 59.0.3071.86) ]

P.S.: Both IP address and ISP verified on

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    Would it be possible to try a different browser and see if that works?

  • I'd suggest   It's from Netflix and uses their local servers to test your speed.  Kinda like but without flash/ads/fake speeds.

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    As mentioned in the original post, the non-Flash Cox site has worked for me in the past. While I realize the chances of any two user's personal computer and individual browser settings being similar are, at best, minuscule, the inconsistent history of the Cox site using the same browser was what I was seeking a possible solution for.

    Following your recommendation I fired up the seldom-used Internet Explorer 11 to test the Cox non-Flash speed test, where it did indeed function. It registered 40 Mbps down/9 Mbps up with 20 ms latency; discouraging, as the Ultimate plan I pay for is 300/30. Also with IE 11 I visited where I got 200 Mbps download. The most satisfying (albeit temporary) result was at, where the results were 386.39/32.07 down/up with a more responsive 8 ms latency score.

    All of these widely varying results should come to no surprise to anyone familiar with speed tests, no matter how disparate they may be.