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Tried contour but want to go back to roti


I had my rovi system upgraded to contour today with 2 contour boxes, one main box and a small one for a second tv.

the problem is that my main tv is not HD and I can't read the contour text without hurting my eyes because the font is so small.  I also can't buy non-HD movies. Only HD movies are available and at a higher cost of course.

I want to go back to the Rovi system I had. The only reason for the change is we wanted to add a receiver to the second TV which was not connected to cox.  We used an antenna to get off the air free tv on it.

The question I have is can we have 2 receivers with Rovi? 

Thank you.


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  • Hello Alain Briot,

    Only Contour 2 allows customers access to network receivers together. You're able to adjust the text size in the receiver settings. Here's how:

    Press the CONTOUR button, then highlight the Gear icon and press OK,
    Highlight Preferences, press OK,
    Highlight General, press OK,
    Page down until you highlight Enhanced Text Readability, press OK,
    You will receive a message saying a refresh will be needed to make this change.
    You can unplug the power to the receiver for 20 seconds to complete a reset.

    Once these steps have been taken, you can then adjust the size of the font for the TV in the other room within the receiver settings.

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    Does Alain need to network the receivers?  Why not just have to separate cable boxes?