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trash mail

I am using (Mac) Mail on my computer. My incoming mail and attachments are download to my computer automatically. I go through them and delete the ones I don't want in my computer's inbox - where they are then moved to the trash folder for the mail program on my computer. After a month the trash emails are detected automatically (set up in the preferences for the Mail program).

My question/concern has to do with what happens to the emails on the Cox server. They seem to stay there in the inbox, and require some action on my part to move them to the trash on the Cox email server. Does anything happen to the emails on the Cox server similar to what I have set up on my computer or do I have to take action to move emails not desired to the trash folder and then eventually delete them?

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  • this is something i've been dealing with daily now..i have 2 threads about this dread webmail.

    the answer actually depends on your mac email client.  if you can set it up to delete from the server when you download, then it should be gone. i have mine set (it's an old windows client, eudora) to leave it on the server so i then have to go to webmail & get rid of what i don't want.  i keep some things there as back up. i have lost all my email address, for instance, twice in crashes so i keep one from everybody there so i can have it. 

    p.s. emptying the trash on webmail is confusing too.  when you "mark all," you are actually only marking 50.  you have to do them in batches, or go to the menu icon (3 parallel lines next to "trash") and click empty trash.

    pps.  be sure and check your "spam" folder on your webmail too.  if your brother didn't write you back, you're likely to find it there! and if it IS there, it won't download to your mac mail.

    hope that helps. we're all learning from each other as no instructions were given.