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Transferring email/email addresses from one system to another

I just updated my mother desktop computer from XP to Windows 7 and I cannot seem to transfer her old email/email address from one system to another. Anyone know how this can be done. Appreciate any help provided. I am not computer saavy so please answer like I am an idiot, i.e. the basics from beginning to end. Thanks

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    TiffanyR said:
    What mail client was she using with XP and what one does she use now? If you saved files when doing the upgrade, you should be able to go into the new client, select import, and browse to the mail client folder with her email and import them in.

    As fare as I know, emails were done under Outlook. I am having trouble trying to transfer them to webmail under Windows 7. Any suggestions?
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    if emails were set to remove them from the server in the email client on Windows XP they won't be available in webmail on If you set up an email client on Windows 7 it may be possible to import the messages if they were saved prior to the upgrade.