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"To keep you better informed... a $6.00 surcharge"... what?!?!

So in the billing messaging explaining the increase in pricing, this is in there...

"To keep you better informed of the costs associated with the delivery of regional sports programming, a new Regional Sports Surcharge in the amount of $6.00 will be listed on your bill under the "Other fees and Surcharges" section of your TV service."

What exactly is that supposed to mean?... if you're trying to find a "nice way" of finding a way to charge us for local sports costs (whether we watch them or not), don't insult us and come up with some ridiculous statement like this. I want some explanation of what this really is, is it monthly, what if I don't watch local sports??

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    Hi Nysteve56,

    We can look into this for you. Please email us a

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    I had the same thing on my bill and my broadcasting fee went up? Makes no sense when you literally don't change a thing on your bill and there was no notification that I was going to be charged for something I don't use?

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    I have the exact same question-- and can you please post a reply here for everyone?? I don't have the "sports pack", I don't watch anything but the national channels (CBS, Fox, ESPN) so why am I being charge $6 more a month all of a sudden? And since it's a "fee", it's not covered by my current billing agreement. What gives?
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    My guess is ESPN or one of the other sports channel raised prices, and instead of raising the price of the service that include those channels, they tax everyone who has the service. This is similar to the Broadcast Surcharge mentioned here.

    The Broadcast Surcharge reflects increasing costs associated with the delivery of broadcast TV stations to our Customers. These costs may include, but are not limited to, portions of retransmission costs, network costs, copyright costs, and others.

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    I don't see this on my bill (Orange County, CA).  Is it a regional thing or maybe my billing cycle is later?

  • Hi Everyone,

    In the past, all Cox television programming costs and fees were simply rolled together in our charges for Advanced TV service or the specific Tier of service. Over the years, Cox has had to raise service rates due to rising video programming costs and network retransmission fees. In an effort to meet the demand for more transparent billing practices, we introduced surcharges as a way to highlight the different costs associated with the delivery of broadcast TV networks. The separate line items simply allow customers to better track how these costs impact their total TV charge.

    Regional Sports Networks are available to Cox customers who subscribe to Essential TV or above. To maximize their revenue, Regional Sports Broadcasters often require service providers like Cox to include their sports channels in the most popular programming packages. This means that Cox must include the Regional Sports channels in our most widely distributed level of service, or we aren’t allowed to carry the channels at all. We introduced the Regional Sports Surcharge to more clearly reflect how the increasing costs associated with providing regional sports channels impact a customer's bill.

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    Thanks for the explanation, Becky ... but ... how does this effect promos and price lock contracts? Are surcharges a way to get around price locks and raise rates within the contract period? Will price lock customers be exempt until the end of their contract? Thanks.

  • The Price Lock Guarantee (PLG) covers rates on Cox services like Internet, TV, and Phone, but does not cover taxes, fees, surcharges, installation or other one-time charges, pay-per-use fees, On Demand or PPV charges, usage-based charges, or overage charges.

    For customers who subscribe to Essential TV (or higher) and have a Service Agreement or a PLG in place before 8/1/16, their bill will reflect the Regional Sports Surchage with a corresponding credit for the term of their service agreement.

  • becky, we are not stupid..

    tacking on "fees" and "surcharges" and any other costs that "don't change rates"  keep the costs from having to be approved by the fcc.