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TiVo+Tuning Adapter Cisco STA1520 - HBO Signature HD (OKC)

Hello, I've noticed recently having an issue with a specific channel, HBO Signature HD, channel 812. All the HBO HD channels appear to work correctly except specifically the HBO Signature HD. The TiVo reports searching for signal (V52) when attempting to view. I've attempted multiple TiVo and TA restarts with the same result; not able to view the HBO Signature HD channel. Thanks, Levi

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    Thanks for your message since finding HBO Sig HD 812 to provide the V52 error. There's no problem using forums for this concern, however, we want to review this closely for you. Please email with a link to this forums comment, and in the email message, please include your address and name on the account. You've been able to view this channel before, but recently having this appear?