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Tivo Tuning Adapter Issue

Is anyone in the Greater New Orleans Area experiencing issues with the tuning adapters connected to their Tivo dvrs?  Since yesterday morning, my adapter has been blinking yellow.  After rebooting the adapter, then the Tivo, I contacted Cox technical support, where an agent informed me there was a massive outage in the area that has since been cleared.  The agent sent reboot signals to the adapter, but was unsuccessful in bringing it back online.  The agent suggested sending a technician to the house, but I advised him my son, who lives about a half mile away, is experiencing the same issue with the tuning adapter connected to his Tivo dvr.

Are these issues still related to this massive outage? 

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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    Thanks Nolagardener for reaching out. I am happy to see all is now well for you.

    -Erica W.