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Tivo Roamio and HBO

I have a TiVo Roamio and added HBO to my cable package on Saturday.  I confirmed that I subscribed, HBO On Demand works, and HBO to Go works.  However, the live HBO Channels do not work.  If I try to go to the channels, I first get the cablecard set up screen which is the black and white setup screen with all the data that shows when you first set up a card card.  The second time I try a channel, I get a V58 channel not authorized message.  All of the regular/non-premium channels still work perfectly.

On Sunday I was on the phone with a CSR for an hour.  She tried everything she could but could not get HBO working.  On Tuesday, a tech came out, and then his supervisor, and they could not get it working.  They said someone would need to fix something outside on the pole.  That guy came today and said everything outside is fine and to call in again.

Any ideas?  Should I get a new cablecard and/or tuning adapter?  My TiVo works perfectly for all of the non-premium channels so I doubt it is the TiVo.  I have done a complete factory reset of the TiVo, removed the cablecard, etc. and the problem still exists.

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    TimJ I would like to look at your Cable Card and tuning adapter and see what is going on.  Could you email me the address on the account as well as the account holders full name to ?

    Chris C