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Tivo bolt

Does tivo bolt require a tuning adapter?

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    wees41 said:

    yes if your area uses them no way around it

    Cox is going to give you one, no way around that, and it should be set-up and activated.

    But, after Cox went all Digital nothing in the Starter & Essential Tier require the Tuning Adapter.  So if you do not subscribe to any Packages, e.g. Variety Pak, Movie Pak, Sports Paks, Premium Movie channels (HBO etc.)  You could disconnect the Tuning Adapter after it is set-up.

    You should not need the Tuning Adapter if you only subscribe to Advanced TV (or lower Tier) and nothing else.

    Note: Many of the SD versions of channels do need the Tuning Adapter, But the HD equivalent does not need the Tuning Adapter, for Starter and Essential channels.

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    Omaha is all digital still has Disney and TCM on SDV  so not all areas might be that way yet