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Tivo Bolt Set-up in Orange County

I have a new Tivo Bolt and I am not getting any of my channels.  The auth: has MP and my screen just says "This Channel is not authorized.  Contact you cable provider.  I have tried two cable cards and many reboots and pairings.  Last night a tech came out and checked all wiring and signals.  He did not have any cable cards and seemed as if had not paired a Tivo before.  He could not get it to pair.  I currently have a Tivo Premier in another room with no problems.  Cox has scheduled another tech to come out but I am not sure what that will do.  I have read through the forum.

None of these have helped and most of the cox threads are dead.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I just purchased it from Tivo a few weeks ago.  It has an August 2016 MFG date on it.

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    Since a tech has already checked the signals, I will need to review the account and submit a ticket to our Video Team. Please email me at with the account details and a link to this thread.

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    Phillip, Was your problem resolved? I was able to eventually get the TIVO paired to the Tuner adaptor, but still get the same message as you for "This Channel is not.....". with the exception of Channel 1 (VOD) which comes in crystal clear. I have a Service appointment next week, and am afraid that unless the tech has had experience with the Bolt setup, the response will be the easy cop-out that the TIVO box must be faulty. I've had multiple calls with Tech support with some limited success, but if you have some tips I can give the Tech when he is here, it might be helpful.
  • Hi Ovide,

    Thanks for your email! I'm going to ensure that we get a CableCARD specialist out for your appointment on Tuesday. I'll provide more details via email. We'll get all of your channels working for you!