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TIVO and Tuning Adapter and cable card

I have numerous issues, every couple of weeks, losing a signal, being told the channel is not authorized, or no reception at all, just a black screen.  When I changed channels, the reception was slowing down all day - and then I found recording issues, Example:  @ 2 PM, channel 129 recorded 1 min. 10 sec; at 2PM, the CW recorded for 1 min. 11 sec.; HBO at 10:30PM showed NOT AUTHORIZED; at 11 PM showed NO SIGNAL. This requires rebooting every two weeks.  Already had adapter box and  cable card replaced.  I miss recording shows all the time and not sure if I am the only one.  HELP!!!

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  • Hi Raji,

    Does rebooting your TiVo and Tuning Adapter resolve the issues for a week or two, or not all all?