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Tivo - Tuning Adapter -

Can you suggest an amplifier with active return?  My efforts to have Cox solve my pixelation issues with my MoCA Tivo network has no positive results after 10 months of begging, and pleading.  Have mercy.  Cox denies issues with the Tuning Adapter and Cable Card and has refused my request for an upgrade to my rented hardware into the latest version(s).  

Will you at least suggest an amplifier that may push the signal through the additional splitters required?  Thank You.

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  • Hello TV Outage 11.26.14,

    A field technician would be able to determine the best route if an amplifier is needed, or what type would be needed based off of their findings during the appointment. Has a Cox technician already installed an amplifier in your home, or inform you of the need for an amplifier?

  • We had a field technician visit.  He would not even look at signal beyond the input to the home.  Concluded its a Tivo thing.  My belief is that the required tuning adapter ** - requiring additional splitters is not a good idea.  How can you prove me wrong? Please do so!  When I remove the tuning adapter everything is great - except I do not get the additional sports package channels.  This plea to suggest an amplifier is a courtesy I deserve in that Cox has been unwilling to come forward with another solution.  Any assistance is appreciated.

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    The tuner adapter(TA) doesn't "require" a splitter, but you can use one with it. You can either go coaxial > splitter > 1 to TA input and 1 to Tivo  OR  coaxial > TA input > TA output > Tivo. The TA has a splitter inside and a small passive amp that helps make up for the signal loss of the split. Unfortunately this also slightly lowers the DS SNR and increases the Tx like any amp would. In general, if you have stronger signal, it betters to go through a splitter, but if you signal is on the weaker side, it's better to go through the TA. 

    Also, pixelation is not caused by a issue with the TA. The TA only sends the signal to Cox to enable certain channels. It's a on/off type of system, so if you get the channels, the TA is working. Pixelation would be a sign of a issue with the downstream signal or the tuner/cable card inside the Tivo. The Tivo has diagnostics you can use to see the signal levels. A amplifier specifically with a active return wouldn't help, because the return, or upstream(Tx) has nothing to do with picture quality. However if the Tivo is reporting low Rx(IB) then a passive amp "may" help, but it would depend on the specifics.

  • Thanks.  It would be nice if I did not require another splitter, but my home network also needs a connection, which required a splitter to include that dang TA.

  • Will the tuning adapter do its thing if it is not connected directly to the Tivo?  Can I move it to another room?