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Timed TV Outage

What is the deal where the message 'Are you still watching TV'... appears, and then the signal is cut off. What does it matter to Cox if I watch 24/7? I'm paying $232 a month and don't expect or appreciate having to justify my access at programmed intervals. This happened during a World Series game, when I wasn't home. and my wife didn't know how to respond and missed some of the game. Why? What's the point? Maybe I want to watch CNN or CNBC all day; what is COX's concern with that?  Is there an FCC issue here?

Very irritating. I'm close to opting for DirecTV (in which own a lot of stock). 

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  • Hi jpat,

    I regret you do not find this feature on the Contour system practical.  Cox is taking an active part in improving the energy efficiency of our receivers.  The Auto Power Save feature appears to be the culprit here.  The Auto Power Save puts the receiver into a light sleep after four hours of inactivity.  This feature can be turned off by the following:

    1.  Press MENU/SETTINGS on the Cox remote

    2.  Select SETTINGS

    3.  Select RECEIVERS

    4.  Select POWER MANAGER

    5.  Select RECEIVER POWER


    I apologize for the inconvenience as this can indeed be a pain when viewing sporting events.  Hope this helps.  Please feel free to reach out to us as we are available 24/7.