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Thinking of upgrading my Cable Modem

I have an older Motorola Surfboard which supports DOCSIS 3, and does 4x4 bonded pairs.  I am currently on Cox Preferred Internet.  Would I see any speed increase if I purchased a modem that supported 24x4 or even 8x4 bonded pairs?

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    I assume you have an SB6120 or 6121, both are Cox approved up to Preferred level of service.  What speeds are you currently getting with a wired connection?  What router do you have connected to the modem?  Since the 4x4 modem can handle the 50+Mbps of Preferred, if you are not getting those speeds something else may be wrong.  If everything is working properly, upgrading to more channels shouldn't give you a speed increase but will future-proof you system somewhat.  You will be ready for an upgrade to a higher level of service or any future Cox speed increases.