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The Walking Dead AMC On Demand No HD

I would like to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead.  I find it On Demand but it isn't in HD.

I have a model CMX013 Contour receiver.

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    Hi sgf0568,

    I was able to view the Walking Dead in HD. When you open the series in On Demand, does it give you the option to Watch in SD/Watch in HD?

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    I have my preferences set to HD.  But there is no option to select SD or HD.  The information for this episode says that it is in HD, but it is not.

  • Hello sgf0568,

    I'm seeing the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 is available on Contour 2 On Demand in HD. You see the title info says it is in HD. Are you experiencing an error when playing, or black bars as if it is playing back in SD?