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The This Old House Hour in Phoenix Market

The episode scheduled for 10/01/16 is showing as a repeat on the guide.  According to the guide, it was a new episode on 09/29/16.  It is not scheduled to be broadcast in the Phoenix market on 09/29.  It is a new episode for us on 10/01.  Can the guide be updated to show it as a new episode?  Thanks.

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  • Hello Brian01,

    Thanks for your message. At this time, I can confirm the TV Listing on our Cox website shows This Old House Hour Season 15 Premier is being broadcast on Channel 1006 PBS as new on Oct 1st 10am-11am.

  • Thanks for the response DustinP.  I hope things are well with you and yours.

    Our PBS station us 1008, so I logged in to get the correct channel listing.  It shows the episode as new (pic 1).  I also rechecked the Contour guide, which shows the episode as a repeat (pics 2 & 3).  Hope this helps.

  • Hi Brain01,

    Thanks for providing the pictures! It looks like the Contour 2 Guide is displaying incorrect information for "The This Old House Hour" episode scheduled for 9am on KAET on October 1st. The episode should be marked as "New" and describe the first episode of Season 37. I've sent this to our video team in Phoenix so we can update the Contour 2 Guide before Saturday. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Hi Brain01,

    We currently do not have an update. Our video support team is still investigating the issue. The team is engaged in achieving a resolution.

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    Hello Brian,

    We received an update that "This Old House Hour" S12 Ep3 airs on the Oct. 13 New and repeat on Oct 14 ,Oct 15 at 5 am and 11:00 am. Let us know if you have any additional questions.