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the recording failed because the channel that aired this program is no longer...

Does any one know what the rest of this error message says? 

I have this message for 15 recording in the last 2-3 days that did not record,

I cannot read the rest of the message.. (even when pressing the more info button or any of the others)

I contacted chat today.. Worthless help .. told to disconnect unplug..  re-set ,,, and jump thru more hoops.. then their solution is to return box for new one, ( 8 hours of disconnect and reconnect work for me)

 because of their unwillingness to say  "I dont know the answer to your question.. and i'm unwilling to take it to some one who can figure it out"

I need the recording's i've saved for 2-3 years. 

It seems they've been having trouble ..  and its happened enough .. i question if this is really worth the trouble and the cost of their service. 

its very much like watching the presidents press man who answers the questions he wants to answer an dodges and avoids the questions really being asked..    OH   and when i called the first time. 3 days ago ..  i ended up with an extra 75$ fee added to my bill  boxes disconnected during march madness and 2 days of *** on the phone ...

the "75$ Professional installation Fee" been taken off now - however - only because i was looking at the web site and checked the bill        ok thats off topic.. 

i still cannot figure out why my recordings are failing.   not all recordings are affected. 

it does not tell me there is a scheduling conflict.   

Does anyone know what the rest of this error message say?

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    This could very well be an indication that the box is failing and in need of replacing. If recordings that used to work are now not working properly I suspect there might be an internal hard drive issue.