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The guide doesn't work

The guide does not work on our cable. This happened with the time change. Why do we continue to pay sooooo much for the worst ever service. Nobody at cox ever helps until you spend years dealing with the issue. The last problem took three years to resolve. Fix my guide, it has been down since the time change, it is very annoying. I did a reset on the app and nothing happened to change the situation. This is the last straw, if it does not get fixed I am switching to direct tv even if it cost more. 

last customer service rep as going to give me free hbo and Cinemax for 6 months because of the repeated problems. Big surprise.....I got nothing

doubt this will work either

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  • Bad Cable TV,

    Hello and thanks for your message on our Cox Forums. I apologize for the delay in reply. If the guide still isn't appearing, or if no guide appears after pressing the Cable button then guide on the Cox Universal remote, then I would recommend unplugging the power to the receiver for 20 seconds. Once the reset is complete, please try following through with the Cox Universal remote steps again.