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the downstream at a crawl for days? #1Mbps?

this has been happening for days . the speed supposed to be 50mbps but its been at no more than 5mbps on and off for 6 days now .. been resetting the router but this has happened before with my FIRST router .. i took it back too the store they gave me this one didnt last long before this one went too. you people now rise my price and lower your service ? does that make sense ? i talked to a tech online last night. She said if it persist its the router AGAIN. Its NOT my cables i am directly connected to the outside with an RG6. if i dont get help ill go to the store tomorrow.  i live in Gainesville FL .. 

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    First off:

    Are you on wifi or on wired connection?  I know you mention an RG6 connection, which is modem <-> outside; what I'm wondering is device <-> modem.  Typically in this case I test at least two different ways.  Wifi vs Wired to router, and depending on Wired to router results I'll test Wired to modem.  If your Wired to modem speeds are between 80% to 120% of rated speeds you are golden.  50-80% potential slowness, could be congestion, but I'd keep an eye on things.  <50% possible Physical/Data Link/Network issues, and definitely requiring investigation.