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TG2472 5ghz slower than 2ghz

Recently got ultimate service and got the TG2472 hooked up. Get great speed using the 2ghz but the 5ghz is a lot lot slower. If I get 150 on the 2ghz I'll only get about 15-20 on the 5ghz.  Previously I just had the cable modem and a netgear n750 and the 5ghz was consistently higher than the 2ghz.  Is there something in the tg2472 config that needs updated? I've done a reset on the unit and nothing changed.  I would expect to at least get comparable speed on both signals. 

Any advice appreciated. 

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    5Ghz is affected much more by distance and walls between the router and device. If you're right next to the router, your 5Ghz speed should be much higher than the 2.4Ghz. Once you start moving away from the router, speed will drop drastically on the 5Ghz.

    Also, the wireless in any modem/router combo unit is sub-par compared to separate devices. Do yourself a favor and buy a good 24 or 32-channel modem and an AC-router, you won't regret it. My SB6190+Netgear Nighthawk setup works phenomenally in my smallish 1400-sq foot house.