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Terrible upload speed

My plan is for 100/10 (premium?). I regularly check speeds through the cox speed check and I normally get around 100 down but I not sure if I've ever gotten over 3 up. Usually around 2 - 2.5 up. It's painfully slow when I need to transfer files to my work, etc. Cox upgraded my modem to a DocSis 3.0 within the last year. What can be done to get my upload speeds up to par?

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    Are you using wifi or are connected into the modem?  I had the same issue before.  Found out the house I am living in was built in the 40's and the walls are like concrete.  Signal barely gets thru.  My signal strength dropped a lot.  

    Hooking it straight into my laptop and doing showed that I was getting my speeds.  It actually was higher.  So I looked at the cox site and it says that they do not guarantee wifi speeds.  So I started reading around and found multiple sites that say your wifi speeds drop depending on how far, what is in between, congestion from other wifi users in area, mirrors, and other factors.

    If it his wired to the computer and you are getting that speed, then I would recommend setting up an appointment.

    I fixed my issue buy going to best buy and buying wifi repeaters.  I put a couple thru out the house and now my signal is great.

  • Hi JoelCool,

    I'm really glad you reached out to us! I want you to get the speeds of the internet tier to which you subscribe.

    Gojira provided several important things to think about. Connect a computer to your modem/Gateway with an ethernet cord and run the Cox Speed Test a few times. What are you average results? If you have a family with multiple devices, run the test when someone else is streaming or gaming as well as when you are the only one accessing the internet.

    Where is your modem/Gateway located within your home? Wireless signal strength and range vary depending on a number of factors like age, type of wireless devices used, internet tier, router location, distance, interference, and layout of your home, among other things. We recommend placing your modem/router/Gateway in the central part of your home, up high, in an open area, away from things like microwave ovens, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc. You want to avoid any potential sources of RF interference, as this can impact speed and connectivity.

    If you believe your modem/Gateway to be located in the best possible spot in your home, try going into the router's management page and setting the wireless channel to 1, 6, or 11. Run a few speed tests and compare the results to see which channel provides the best connectivity.

    Please post your wired speed test results using the above suggestions. If you continue to see poor speeds, a service call might be a good idea, especially if you rent a Gateway from Cox. An on-site tech would check signal strength to the house and swap the Gateway if necessary.

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