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Terrible Service!!!!!

I have NOT been able to use my internet for the past month! I have been trying to get a new router for at least the past two weeks. I have been told TWO separate times that I would be receiving a new router. The first time all I received was an empty box and then I had to call back again and was told that the router would be ordered and that was NOT done. Finally today after speaking with Joy she hopefully got everything resolved and there will be a new router within the next three business days. I am VERY VERY disappointed with this company because I am sure they will be expecting payment for that service that was NOT provided. This is just unacceptable. The reason I never received a router was simply because someone was NOT doing their job. I work in customer service and it saddens me to see how terrible customer service is.

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    Perhaps we can get you online without waiting.  Can you try connecting a PC directly to the modem with a wired connection and see if that works?

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    Can't you go out to a store and buy a router? Why do you need one from Cox?