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Terrible Packet loss lasting days.

After years of cox cable I'm still struggling with packet loss coming and going more coming than going. I spoken with tech support multiple times maybe like 50+ times.... and had techs come out to inspect my personal line i.e the line that connected from the pole 6 feet from my house to my house this of course solves nothing and they end up saying "welp its fixed" when its really not my most recent call with tech support stated i should get a new modem obviously I didn't think this was the cause and ultimately I got the new modem and am still having the same issues. The cause has to be further away from my house than 6 feet... My guess is maybe a node issue or a cable/fiber line split open and has weather (rain) interfering with it. I Would really appreciate it if someone that cared enough to find an answer would look into this issue because its driving me insane.

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  • Hello,

    We can certainly look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address to so we can research this ongoing issue on your behalf.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.