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Tech support nightmare

I recently moved here and spent three days on the phone with tech support advisors who clearly know absolutely nothing about the products they are dealing with. I actually called Apple support after the third day and they fixed my issue with your modem within an hour. And yes the issue was with your modem not an apple product. It is shameful. The last person I dealt with had so little an understanding about tech that when I told her my issue was with downloading movies and games, she accused me of downloading off of the "black market." I pay for my services to download things. If people didn't pay such good money for your service it would actually be laughable. Your tier 1 tech support needs to do a better job of recognizing when they need to transfer customers to tier 2. Honestly your tier 2 advisors weren't any more helpful but at least they knew what I was talking about. Each tech advisor told me a different solution and then blamed the previous for giving me wrong info. Also you as a cable company are responsible for making sure that the proper ports on my modem are open so that I can use my wifi properly, something not one of your techs understand. It comes off as such ignorance I'm almost embarrassed for you. You are obviously as a company already aware that you have been voted among the most hated companies in America so either own it or get better. Admit that you truly don't give a care because you will always be making money or try to improve your service. The icing on the cake is that when you call to try and leave feedback that might improve tech support they transfer you to the most unprofessional sounding retention department ever. The lady sounds like she is watching TV while you are talking to her. 

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