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T-3 and T-4 Timeouts and reboots

Too many of these are happening right now.  I am getting T-3 and T-4 timeouts and the modem reboots today I had at least 10 times but  for the past week it happened every morning like clockwork. 

This i s my config log I will not post the errors because of the MAC Address showing.  I do have a tech coming out in the morning and I can pretty much tell you they will not find anything wrong with it because the problem never happens when they are aorund.  The lady I spoke to today said it appeared my signal strength is going up and down from here end.

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    If the tech doesn't find a signal problem he/she should also be able to try a test modem and see if that works better.

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    Benn going up and down all night and this morning way to many times

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    Are you still having service issues after the tech visit? I wanted to follow-up and see how the connection is acting now.
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    Tech was very good and we think he found the issue.  He went through my cabling and replaced some very old connectors in the run.  I have seen an improved signal.  No disconnects yet today but I am looking through the logs for anything.  If it continues I will be replacing the modem.

  • I am happy to hear that the tech was diligent in checking for possible issues that might affect your signal. Please keep us in the loop and let us know how your services are performing.