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Surfboard SB6141 on and off rebooting with sudden huge drops in performance from 60 to 2 upload speed.

Hi this is my first call out for help in a forum ever. I could really use some help with my modem I honestly feel its not the problem but what do I know my knowledge base is the same as a rock for this field. I will provide any information I can from the modem's settings page or anything else needed I just want a official person's attention before I post anything I shouldn't regarding my modems stats. 

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    Hi FirertruckKid, this is a customer to customer forum, some Cox employees hang out here but can take from a few hours to days to respond.  I am a customer like you, not an "official person".  First thing I would check it the power going into the modem ... are you plugged into a power strip or directly into the wall outlet?  I would try plugging directly into another outlet and see if that helps.  When you say rebooting, do you mean the lights on the front of the modem go out then recycle thru the boot process till they become stable?  If there are any cable splitters in the cable line, if you can remove them it may help.  Make sure all cable connectors are tight and secure.

    Also, are you connected to a router?  What model?  Are you connecting via WiFi or wired Ethernet?

    Lastly, don't post any personal information on a public board, like email address, street address, phone, account number, etc.  If a Mod asks for account info, send it by email don't post it here.

  • Both wired and wireless connection if I'm talking about each device connected the computer I keep connected through an Ethernet cable. The Modem itself is powered by power strip but the wall jack? or simply just the first internet cord is plugged into the wall. Also yes I am using a wifi router and it is a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900. What i mean by rebooting I mean is just in the middle of daily traffic for myself the modem's lights will all just shut off except the power light and it will just go down the list of lights BUT the upload light takes like anywhere from 5-8 minutes (assumed not actually timed) it will just keep blinking and if it goes on too long then it will start over getting the download light then repeat back to the upload light over and over.. I'm guessing that means my problem is upload based? If that's a thing.

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    The reason I said try plugging it into another outlet is to bypass the power strip and be sure it's not a power problem.  From your description, it sounds more like a problem with the cable signal.  It could be a simple as a bad connector causing intermitant signal loss. Maybe it's time to call Cox & schedule a tech visit to check it out.

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    I'd like to take a look at the modem signal levels and see if there are any issues there. Can you please email the name and address listed on the account to so we can look into this? Also, in the email include a brief description of the issue or you can include a link to this forum post. Thanks!
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