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Support for Voice Automation using IFTTT and/or Amazon Echo

I use Cox Homelife security, and would very much like to control my system using my voice with my Amazon Echo device.  The problem is, Cox has not enabled support for this feature yet.

This feature would allow me to set my alarm with my voice by saying "Alexa, tell HomeLife to arm the system"  I could do it anywhere in the house, and it would be a great feature to have.  Other alarm companies have already added this feature, but I want to stay with Cox as a full service provider.  

I wonder when we can get this feature from Cox?  Alternatively, Cox could add integration via IFTTT (If this then that).  This would allow anyone to add custom programs which do multiple things.  With IFTTT, for example, a person could use an app or speak to his automation device and say "Alexa, trigger AWAY MODE", and she could respond by setting the alarm, turning off the lights, turning down the heat, and who knows what else!  The sky is the limit, and it would be customizable.  Very fun and useful.

Please add support for Amazon Echo and/or IFTTT soon.  It would be a great enhancement to Cox services.

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    Hi Scott, we always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback.  I'll pass what you've said to our management team.  Thanks for choosing Cox Communications and have a joyful holiday season! -- Carol 

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    I have echo devices too. I'm seriously considering swapping out my Homelife thermostats for Honeywell brands because these can truly operate in a smart environment and can be adjusted via Echo commands.
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    That awkward moment when the user knows more about the system then probably the people who designed it. The product in general lacks polish and seems focused on providing peace of mind  and convenience then true security.

  • I agree with Scott.  I, too, have an Amazon Echo device, and would like to integrate it into my home automation paired with my Homelife security.  I would prefer to have one Hub for all my devices if possible, and it seems with everything already connected to Cox, that would be a simpler solution.  Considering the equipment used throughout most all Security providers is the same, the ability to integrate with Echo should be seamless.

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    Just chiming in to support the request to have COX Homelife integrate with AMAZON Echo/Dot.  It is the only thing left out of my smart home configuration.

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    This question was first asked over a year ago at which time Cox said, "thank you we're looking into it. Come-on Cox catch up your technology is way behind. We would like to connect other devices and especially IFTTT devices  like amazon echo. Is that going to happen any time soon?

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    I am waiting for this too, though I suppose the way to make it happen will just be to hack it. Already pretty sure I can hack my Cox thermostat one way or the other (put a non-Cox onto the Cox network or vice-versa with their provided one pulled off their net and put onto a more classical SmartThings/IFTTT to interface with Google Home and/or Amazon Echo. Just has to be compatible format).

    I've given up on waiting for them to integrate a front-door Ring-type doorbell and am doing that myself. I'm hesitating to go non-Cox for door-locks, though I think I'll try to find a vendor that can support both IFTTT and Cox integration (ZigBee compatible like the Kwikset 914).

    The Cox systems are all ZigBee based, so it's just a matter of integrating them. I just integrated my SmartThings (which is ZigBee compatible) network with IFTTT; next will come hacking the WiFi settings for my Cox net and putting my whole IOT onto the same network so my new doorbell and my Google Home and my Logitech Harmony and Cox Security and Samsung SmartThings could all theoretically communicate, which will hopefully result in integrating things. I am fed up with my thermostat being "dumb" between heat or cool mode without the kind of technology that Honeywell has had since the 1980s to automatically change modes based on a given window (seriously, it's not rocket surgery), and am writing a tool to handle it through the cloud if I can get access to the unit via SmartThings/ZigBee.

    I'm positive the people who monitor these forums aren't as knowledgeable as many of the customers, though I know the company has many brilliant engineers. Eventually one of them will appeal to their marketing people and someone will come up with a clue as to how easy it would be to engineer some sort of "enthusiast" mode so we can do these things without voiding warranty. Hacking away at my thermostat as an enthusiast (with years as a software engineer and network security analyst) is not the right way to be doing this, but given the lethargic motion of the company as a source of disruptive innovation, it's the only way to get anything done.

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    I'm pulling my Centralite Pearl thermostat from the Cox net and putting it on the SmartThings hub because with the CoRE IDE, I can create a piston to auto-change from heat to cool on a schedule. It's actually really awesome, and something I wish the Cox app had.

    Really fun to have that kind of control.

    I already use a Nest CO/Fire sensor instead of the Cox one. I think in the future, I'll only use Cox for security (because of the convenience of the monitoring and cellular backup), but do everything else myself because their equipment is nowhere near as good or software as capable as a lot of other commercial solutions.