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Super slow web address resolution on a 300gb line

I've had cox bring a brand new modem/router combo, couldn't get over 50gb on the 5ghz and 20 on the 2.4ghz they didn't even do what the webpage describes as the Professional Install (for 75.00). called cox back and they sent out a tech. He rewired everything from outside and inside the the new modem still couldn't get the speeds up to par. Had to take the equipment back to a nearby store. GIVE them cred here as they refunded the 75.00 install fee. BUT we went back to the 100gb service, the speed tests say we are getting the 100gb speeds for file downloads. BUT any web page we try to go to takes forever to load all except google which loads fine. Any other site the speed is like old dialup.It seems to me and I've been in the computer field since 1969 that they are either slowing things down on purpose or their DNS servers can't keep up. since we have been betrayed by our congress and senate and lost net neutrality the speeds are going to get worse bepending on the content you want to download and/or sites to visit, not to mention streaming. COX are you going to send us all emails on which sites/services you intend to slow down? since my neighbor has century link at a whole 14gb line and her web pages load over 6 times faster than your 100gb line The wife and I might as well switch since we are no longer doing online gamming. It would be a real shame to lose a 15 year customer because of slow webpage loading. As to your phone suopport your LV 1 tech's Need real upgrading. The LV 2 are a bit better. one of the last problems we had was super slow everything, LV 1 said our modem was too old and at fault,calld back to talk to another LV 1 they couldn't find the modem as even being online. the LV 2 couldn't help either it too a LV 3 to solve the problem and about 6 hours. 1 week later speeds back down to 20-30 gb. after the above new modem ect. went back to our modem and our 1900ac nethawk router and back to full speed untill the past week or two and download seems fine but webpage resolution dow to dialup speeds. we quit calling them as the fixes if any only last a few weeks then back to the same problems. I wonder if satelite internet might be an alternitive. This is the Phoenix area I'm talking about.

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    Hello WayneMadeley,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media team. The signal to the modem is good but I show static ip listed. Please reset the modem by removing the power cord for about 1 minute then reconnect. Once the online light is solid please try the connect and run the speedtest. Let us know your findings. Thanks