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Super slow internet the last few days.

I have had some really slow internet the last few days.  I have unplugged the modem and it fixed it for a little bit, but then it keeps happening.  I tried the Cox modem refresh thing twice last night and at this point I am not sure if there is any internet at all (I am at work, but our security camera is offline).   The service has been really good up until now.  Any ideas?  The cables are all connected tightly, and nothing else has changed since this started.


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    The modem's signal looks good for up and down stream levels. While the log does show a few T4 time outs typical they are just tied to a signal adjustment as long as they are not constant would not be tied to a speed issue. On thing the router side of the Gateway is showing is varying speeds on ethernet ports. Are you seeing the speed issues on specific computers/devices or is it effecting everything that is connected?

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    The last modem reset seems to have fixed it, at least for now.  I also tweaked my wifi settings for those devices.  I was noticing it most on my PS4 while streaming video, and on my iPhone.  It's been up for the last 24 hours or so, so hopefully it's fixed.


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    @Very Unhappy Cox Customer

    I looked at your modem from this end and I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary. What sorts of problems are you experiencing?