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Sundance Channel, 1301

I am in San Diego, North;  Sundance is SD on 301 and HD on 1301.  It appears that most of the time, the HD 1301 is showing the East feed of the channel.  Why would that be?

I noticed this a month or so ago when my scheduled recording was of the wrong program.  I did a support chat and was basically told that I was probably crazy,  but I recommended that they at least advise engineering of my complaint.  While watching, a few minutes later, the program changed from the East feed to the "scheduled" West feed program.  

But, it hasn't been correct since then, either.

Can this be corrected?  Thanks!

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    Update:  I'm wrong.....

    Further analysis is that it is not Cox that is wrong:  SD 301 and HD 1301 actually do run the same programs in the same sequence (usually) but a few hours apart.  So, if program A is running now on 1301, it will run on 301 later.

    My Problem:  I was relying on my TiVo to have and record the correct  program info.  But Tivo does NOT have the correct info in Tivo/Rovi Guide for 1301.  Instead, Tivo's ROVI Guide is showing the exact same for 301 and 1301, using the 301 program schedule.

    Tivo users are well aware of Tivo changing and now using the Rovi Guide, which transition has made a huge mess nationally.  I "thought" that the many ROVI issues had been resolved in my area.  Wrong.  Sorry for the false info on my original post.