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suggestion for conflict programs

On any of the Contour Guide views (grid or list), one nice DVR feature now is the red-circle icon with either a check mark or double check inside it, indicating a program that will be recorded in the future.

What is missing though, is a display of any future program that will NOT be recorded (due to higher priority or series).  The only display choice is AFTER-the-face where you can see what was missed.  But not what WILL be missed.

Suggestion:  (1) add a grey-circle icon with a diagonal slash through it.  This would be displayed whenever a future scheduled program can not be recorded because of other priority conflicts.  (2) add a DVR List choice for "program conflicts" which would list all future which won't be recorded due to conflicting priorities.

FYI, the old Cox DVR ROVI software showed future series conflicts years ago.  With either 2 or 6 tuners how can you possibly avoid a series recording conflict if you don't even know it's going to happen?  


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    Hi, thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback.  We always appreciate our customers taking the time to do so.  I'll pass what you've said on to our Management Team.  Thanks for choosing Cox Communications, and hopefully there may be a way to accommodate your request on this platform!

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    Good luck, John2222, I documented this back is 2014, I got a response from Becky "We've been able to duplicate the problem with one of our 2-tuner DVRs. It's possible there is a difference in the way the 2-tuner and 6-tuner DVRs are programmed to document Missed Recordings, so we've forwarded the information in this thread to our Video Product Team. If we get any updates, we will let you know!"  2 1/2 years later they are "I'll pass what you've said on to our Management Team.", don't hold your breath.

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    At least they are not blaming Comcast for your problems like they tell me when I call support!

  • Hi Nvphone,

    It sounds like you've reached out to us for help previously.  Are you still experiencing any troubles with your services?