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Sudden change in internet speed

For months I have been having various problems with internet speed.  About two months ago I began testing my internet speed using the Cox speed check.  It ranged over a five minute period between 26 mbps and 167 mbps and that continued pretty much around the clock when I had time to check it.  I called Cox Internet Support and was told that the technician had checked all possible causes and it was certainly a problem within my home and I would have to pay for a support person to come and check it out.  I was too busy to bother with that at the time and when I returned home from a trip recently I began checking my internet speed again.  It was consistently 164-170 mbps with no drops.  I have changed nothing within the house where I was assured the problem was located. The only change I can see is that my IP address changed from to

Can someone explain what has happened?

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    I regret to inform you that no one really can tell you specifically what happened, we can only give possibilities.

    Here are several:

    • Wifi issues with respect to channel interference, this tends to be a tough one to determine after the fact
    • Noisy lines caused by someone else on your same feed that got fixed
    • Software update on modem/router
    • Someone in the house was doing heavy downloading that stopped
    • Weather related
    • Loose connection that got tightened
    • Issues with the testing computer (heavy CPU loads at time of test)