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Sudden change in audio quality.

I am an amateur radio operator using the Internet Radio Linking Project, VoIP for making radio contacts. My RF radio transmits to a micro node (a small low power radio and a raspberry Pi), that sends the RF into the internet through a router (hardwired). After 3 years of excellent audio reports, suddenly my reports changed to readable but sounding like packet loss. I can hear incoming voice clearly and with not change in quality. I have gone through tech services several times where it was verified that the router, modem, and data rates are all good. I upgraded to Premium to see if that would help and it did not make a difference. I have used my system with a JetPack and audio is very clear in send and receive modes. Amateur Radio operators in Las Vegas had the same problem. Engineers there (Cox), were able to determine that new code supporting a new router system caused the problem and now it has been fixed. I can't seem to find anyone at Cox who is will to dig that deep into the problem. Any help is appreciated.

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    I'd like to investigate this further to see what we can do to help fix this issue. Based on the equipment you're using, there may be some limitations to our troubleshooting. Especially since you have to go through your router, we may have no other way of testing the connection. Can you email us at and include the name and address listed, I will review the notes on the account as well. Thanks!