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sub par service

I agree with you Joann, 100%. 

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Posted: 20 Apr 2016
Post Subject: sub par service
Post author: joann49
First with all the choices flying around why should I keep your cable. When I go to the ondemand tv network section and choose a show it stops, starts, tiles misses dialog. Why are the movies so expensive? Come on give us a break. Those where the costs when we had to go to a store and rent a movie. Why on earth are those flashes of yellow screens that say if you want this you should subscribe. I ALREADY SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNELS ON MY TV LISTING. How about less commercial and more lower prices for subscribers. Oh, and the choice of programs is AWFUL and I don't buy that you have no say in what airs. I know for a fact that anything I am saying here will NEVER be considered and don't pretend you care. You are only out for the money and are doing nothing to entice us to stay with you. Shame, complacency is a killer. One more thing. Why on the ondemand tv network section don't you put the actual channels next to the network name. I have to have a piece of paper next to my remote saying what ABC etc is. Just give the regular channel number not the higher ones or change the font to be able to write in the space.