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stuttering and pixellateing

any one in omaha Ne getting stuttering and pixellating channels? i have seen this so far on 9, 49, 87, 67, 297, 306,  maybe a few others but i don't recall them ....   and as i can only watch 1 channel at a time lol .... had this issue for over a month and it never fails i sit down to watch a movie and 1/2 way thru i get this see pic ...

i am in NW omaha  144 & maple area if that info helps any

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    Hi akdjhreyyndcj,

    Is this occurring on multiple sets in the home? Does this occur during certain times of the day? Do you know if there are any splitters connected to the cable line coming from the outlet going to the equipment?

  • yes it happens on multiple sets.

    all different times of day.

    from the wall outlets going to the equipment no spliters

    there are splitters + amp off the main line in basement most i think have been swapped out by tech's over a few different in house calls to find this issue ... but due to it being intermittent no one has found the issue as of yet

  • 11:24 pm i got sound glich and a quick frame freeze on 298 while watching ned kelly

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    Mine does the same everyday between noon and 4.All channels and internet at the same time. It gets old paying for this crappy service. I am in AZ and I feel your pain!
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    Hi akdjhreyyndcj, 

    I have received your email and look forward to assisting you there. 

    Erica W

    Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    If you're seeing problems with all services it may be time to see about scheduling a technician to come out and troubleshoot further.