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Streaming (Dropped Frames); Upload Speeds seem lower than usual

Since Friday and until now I've been having some issues with my upload speed. I try to stream on OBS studio and I've been getting lots of dropped frames. I've tried to restart both my router and modem, update the ethernet device, and checked the firmware which is up to date. When I speed test on the COX site, it says it's fine. The normal range of what I'm paying 150/10.  But when I test on it's telling me I'm getting 1-2 and also ookla says I'm fine with my upload. I've tried to stream on both YouTube and Twitch and I'm still dropping frames. I've researched to see if there's a solution and most say to bring it up with my internet provider. I didn't have this issue until Friday.

I currently pay for 150/10.

I have a Netgear CM500 Modem and an ASUS RT-AC66U Router.

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    I can investigate these issues that you're having. Have you tested the upload speed while connected directly from the modem to the computer? Are you familiar with running trace routes? I'd like to see the trace route results to YouTube while you're experiencing the upload issues.