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Storage time/amount for Cox webmail

I have to use Cox webmail as I recently lost my Windows Live in a restore. All my email originated from and was imported to my Cox account on Windows Live. So, I already had my cox webmail account. However, it only shows incoming mail back to Mar 21, 2017. I have had the account for YEARS!! Is there a limit to the number of emails I can keep stored in my Inbox? I am only using 1% of the space I am allowed before it reaches capacity. Does Cox clear them away after a certain amount of time? I refer back to them and would like to have them accessible.

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  • It sounds like you may have setup your Windows Live program using the POP mail server. When using the POP server, the mail is downloaded directly to the device/program that it is setup on and taken off of the server completely. If it was setup using our IMAP server then a copy of the message would be left on webmail as well as the Windows Live program.

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