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Static IP addresses

I have a Sonos system that continually loses connection due to IP address conflicts with Cox router. The old Cox router did not present this issue. I am looking for instruction on how to set static IP addresses for my devices (Sonos and two printers) to elikinate the IP conflicts. I have the latest Cox Panoramic router.

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  • Hi, we do no support static IP addresses, however, I suggest doing the following to see if it will resolve the IP conflict you are experiencing.

    Please Shut down everything on your network (wired and wireless devices).

    Restart in order:
    Wired Sonos devices
    Wireless Sonos devices
    Anything other devices on your network (wired or wireless)

    Important: do not rush the process along. Wait for each devices to complete its reboot before moving to the next.

    This will reset your network and reallocate/reassign IP addresses. You may need to do this from time to time, especially if the router loses power or has to be restarted.

    Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance, and have a great day!
  • Tried, but to no avail. Same problem persists.

    It makes little sense, but I am going to un-hard wire the system and try ti wirelessly.

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    Google "DHCP Reservation". Then get a real router. When they say they don't support something, like static IP's, it doesn't mean their system won't support it, it only means they won't tell you how or help you do it.