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Why am I paying for 100  and getting 72 link speed

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    What router do you have?  Is this speed over WiFi or wired?  Are you connecting via wireless "n"?  If so, 72Mbps is good for "n", you won't get much more unless you switch to wireless "ac" on the 5GHz band, assuming your devices can handle it.  Also, what speed do you get with a wired gigabit connection directly to the modem?  That's a better measure of the capability of your internet connection.

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    What is my internet speed. I was unable to determine advises certificate not valid. I guess your certificate is no good. Thank you. I pay for the internet and have no control over the certificate. Update it......

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  • Are you getting a certificate error when trying to run the Cox speed test? If so, what does the error say exactly?

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