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Why is cox stealing speed from us then giving no explanation or credit for the loss of service? Is COX losing customers so fast that the remaining ones are being screwed? We've been here for 30+ years. You people have become trash on a large scale.

We wait patiently for the service that we pay for - it's no longer there...... where is COX? You have become crooks. Rich crooks - happy? probably not...

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    What speeds are you currently getting? Are you hardwired directly to modem or wireless?

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    I feel ya buddy. I have premiere (150mbps)  and get 10 down and 11 up. I have had techs out to my apartment in the last year and they can't seem to figure it out...without trying to blame my equipment cause they can't figure it out. I have been robbed this last year and probably won't get compensation.