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Speed Consistency

I'm having an odd speed issue. In the middle of a speed test (using any of them,,, ect) my speed will drop down to 30 - 40 mbps randomly. I personally think it drops packets (?) but I'm not sure. I have the C6300BD Gateway. It causes anything that scales dynamically to freak out. Streams sometimes detect and revert to low quality, games sometimes chug. I chatted with tech support who sent "signals" to fix it. No changes.

I also have a TON of hits in my firewall for ping of death, teardrop, ect. I've been told these routers show false positives in the firewall logs, but this is fairly new within the last 3 or 4 months.

I cannot see uncorrectable codewords on this unit on my end with its limited firmware. My laptop is hardwired to the unit where I am testing.

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    I'd like to take a closer look for you. So that I can get more information about the performance of your modem, please bypass the router, connect the modem's Ethernet cord directly to your computer, log in to with your primary Cox User ID and run the Internet Tools Speed Test Tool: We can use this data as a springboard to further investigate what is happening. I want you to get the speed of the internet tier that you pay for!   --Carol 

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    There is nothing to bypass its a gateway combo which integrates the modem and router into one unit. I am hardwired.

    Like I said I get the 'speed' but it randomly stumbles to much lower speed briefly.

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    I just ran a few packet tests and I'm not seeing any loss from our end. Please log onto the Cox website with your Cox user ID and password, then go to Internet Tools and run the speed test there. As far as your speeds dropping of so dramatically, is there any chance that there are more folks at home using the wireless network when that happens or do you happen to be much further away from the router when you have the issues?

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    Test Results
    Download Upload

    107 Mbps

    9 Mbps

    My Internet Plan
    Download Upload

    150 Mbps

    10 Mbps

    Speed Test Results
    Device Type Latency
    Desktop 25 ms
    IP Address Test Server Ashburn 3

    I can run it again and get 200/12, but the needle is all over the place, even back to 5 or 6 mbps for periods of time. This was done WIRED with no active wifi devices in the house. I checked the network map and and every device there is my own. I tested this on another laptop just to rule out my Ethernet adapter or OS as well.

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    I am not seeing any signal issues in the modem log or in the current modem status. If there are no splitters or amplifiers on the outlet the modem is connected to? It may be best to schedule a tech visit, there are no visible issues with the signal to the equipment. -Derrick
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    Should I call in to schedule that? Can I reference this thread?

  • Hi PolarisX,

    Please call our technical support team or send us an email to, so that we may further assist. Thank you for reaching out to us.