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How do I stop e-mails from friends and contacts going into spam.  I have lost several important e-mails  during this transition.  I never thought to check spam because these were my contacts and sites I used regularly.  I do not want to totally eliminate the spam filter I just don;t want it to send things that I have received for years to go to spam.

I abhor this new system.  several things I used have been eliminated.  The upgrades do not make e-mails easier for me.  I think the changes are more suited to phones.  I use a computer.

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    You would have to set the Spam filter feature to tag the messages as "Spam" in the subject line and have it delivered to your Inbox. The other settings would not allow you to see those messages using an email program; the messages would either be deleted or delivered to Spam folder that can only be accessed in Webmail.