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spam settings

I am getting weird emails coming in with my email address and on the page is in the top center of the page it is highlighted with  my email address name, but it does on have the @ But there is nothing on the page. This type of email - maybe spam so I just delete, but it comes from various things like a bank, or many other places that I do not know of. How can I stop this from coming into my emails.

Thank you

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  • Hi, what email program are you using? Have you run an Anti-Virus scan on your computer lately?
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    You can't stop it.  They are spoofing your email address.  They are not doing this from your account.  They set up their computer to show your email address.  Often you will see the first part of your email address.  You can do some homework by checking the "header" for those spam emails.  You can do a quick online search for how to open the header ( you probably already know how to do this).  

    When you highlite the spam email and hit SPAM at the top of the webmail inbox, Cox knows instantly what is going on.  They can notify the provider of the spammer's account.