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Spam, hacking

Does anyone know if Cox email has been hacked or are they just selling our email address to 3rd party vendors.  I never use my @cox email and in the last month I have been receiving SPAM and PHISHING emails from @?????


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  • Hi SLC,

    We've received several other customer reports regarding the increase in spam from the domain. You can block all emails from a domain within Cox WebMail by going to Settings, Allow and Block Messages, and then adding the domain (@????? to Blocked Senders and Domains.

    It is our policy not to disclose your information to others outside of Cox, our affiliates, vendors, and business partners without your prior consent. We sometimes use affiliates, vendors, or partners in providing our services and may share some of your information for these purposes. We require these parties to assure the same level of confidentiality we maintain. We also prohibit them from using your information for any other purpose. You can update your privacy settings at