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Spam emails issue.

Well, Cox Internet service, specifically Email this time, continues to be a sub-par service.  Now, it is allowing obvious spam emails to pass through to me.  Yes, each containing malicious web sites.  What's the problem with Cox providing reasonable spam and phishing security?   It's not brain surgery.  You just buy, install and monitor a bulletproof security software suite.  Very strange company.  Cox used to be a reliable and dependable ISP and now it's just plain terrible.  Here's the header portion of the latest spam email Cox allowed to pass through to me.   "Thank you! Amazon <>"Obviously Cox's list of customer email addresses have been hacked.  What a sorry way to run a company.  This lack of customer concern would have never happened if Jim Cox was still alive and running the company.  Someone needs to constructively inform Peggy Cox that one reason for Cox's huge customer churn is high priced, undependable services so maybe she will stop worrying about the stock price and concentrate on the revenue generator...  the customer.

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    @email sending problems

    If you're in webmail you can use the report as spam feature to submit these items to our spam filtering engine for processing. Otherwise they can be sent as attachments to