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SPAM email options: COX blocked domain and filtering options are at the max

I receive about 100 Spam emails every week in my Inbox. (This does not include the ones that enter directly into the Spam folder.)

My domain blocking is at capacity and so is my email filtering. And yes, I unsubscribe frequently.

Cox Solutions? No help, with internet tech help including Tier 2.

I'm certain I'm not the only Cox user out there with the same problem...has anybody used a "Bounce back" email program in conjunction with their Cox email?

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    I would suggest creating another email address and then slowly forwarding or changing the email you want to the new address. If you notice a large increase in spam when changing the email for a certain site or email subscription, then it is likely that site is selling or leaking your email address.

    If you find you are getting lots of spam to even a new email, I would suggest trying Gmail. IMO it has a much better spam filter and actively fights and blocks spammers.