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sound issues

I'm having TV sound issues  intermittent sound 

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  • Hi G W J,

    Is this happening on both TVs, or just one? Is it happening on specific channels, or does it seem to be on all channels? Make sure the coax cable that screws into the cable box is finger-tight, and that all other cables are plugged in all the way. Check your settings as described in What kind of cable connects the cable box to the TV? Example: HDMI, component, or RCA cables.

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     just one TV most of the time it's on channel 1010 and 1012  TV is connected  with an HDMI cable.

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    G W J, Thank you for that information. Were you able to ensure all connections to your box and to the TV are tight? Please also power cycle your box and allow 10 minutes for the box to completely reload. Is the sound also missing on SD channels or is it just missing on the HD channels? Thank you.