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Some YouTube notifications being labeled as spam while others aren't

I am signed up to be notified when channels I'm subscribed to upload new videos. I noticed that I wasn't receiving some notifications as well as some other e-mails, so I suspected it was going to spam. Thing is, I have no option to see a spam folder or anything like a spam folder. I finally managed to find a way for spam mail to be sent to my inbox and marked as spam. Sure enough, there will be upload e-mails with SPAM clearly labeled on them! The address that these e-mails come from is in my address book, yet they continue to be labeled as spam.

First, is there a way to get a spam folder option to become available to me? Second, is there a way to make Cox stop marking non spam as spam? Other e-mail services I've used allowed you to select something that has been labeled as spam then click a button that says that it isn't. I've found no such option with Cox's mailbox. It's getting quite annoying, and I've missed some e-mails in the past that I was never able to access due to, as previously mentioned, the fact I have no access to a spam folder.

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  • Mistie Ann,

    I'd like to help. How are you checking your email? Are your visiting the Cox website on a PC? Or maybe using 3rd party software like Outlook, etc.?

    The settings in webmail (on the Cox website) should allow you to have Spam emails filtered to a spam folder. The folder won't be created until the first piece of spam mail is detected and sent to the folder.

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    Cox's default is to delete anything identified as spam by their spamblocker.  As you found, you can change it to place spam in a spam folder or mark the subject SPAM and put it in your inbox.  If you were set to delete spam, you wouldn't find a spam folder.  Once you select the SpamBlocker setting move spam to spam folder, it will show up ... that is if anything is caught by the SpamBocker.

    Bad news is Cox has been completely blocking some major companies from send email to Cox customers.  I know Twitter has been blocked, reports also say Apple and Google have been blocked.  Since YouTube is part of Google, maybe that was blocked too, don't really know.  All I know is I can't get email from Twitter, mail from my gmail account to account has been seriously delayed and the only thing I've received in my spam folder is good email, no actual spam has been in there in the last few weeks.

    You can forward, as an attachment, good email to it may help.

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